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NexTennis is a network of web portals and professional services that provide innovative solutions for the world of tennis and racket sports. Our software implementations combined with our on court know-how allowed us to gain a market-leading position in the tennis business.

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What is NexTennis network?

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Software solutions

Providing innovative software services and solutions dedicated to sport. We have a solution for your every need.


Marketing solutions

Providing marketing services relating to events and sports manifestations.


Management solutions

Management of sports facilities and provision of services to tennis clubs or sports organizations and to players/coaches.


Tournament solutions

Providing support and management services for tournaments and sports events.


What is Volee?

Volee is a social network totally dedicated to the world of tennis.

The project is therefore based on 5 components: clubs, shops, tennis players, coaches and stringers. All 5 actors are interconnected to create a dynamic community that facilitate the sharing of content and increase the visibility of professionals.


What is Teneefy?

Teneefy is the new blog that talks about tennis in an objective and competent way.

On Teneefy you will find reviews of rackets, strings, shoes, clothing and technical editorials to better explain the various aspects of this sport.


What is Racketpedia?

Racketpedia is a web database in constant evolution and updating that has the scope of helping its users to orient themselves in the complex and vast world of strings.

The strings are instrumentally and objectively tested. The results of the tests are collected in technical sheets and divided into three main categories: general information, characteristics and stiffness.

In addition, Racketpedia offers its users very powerful tools such as: advanced search through simple filters and sorting, compare strings, composition of hybrids, string finder.